V6 MX5 engine conversions for Mk1 & Mk2 Mazda MX5

MXV6 Components

  • Fabricated Steel Front Sub frame

  • Fabricated Steel Engine mount Bracket (LHS)

  • Fabricated Steel Engine mount Bracket (RHS)

  • Fabricated Steel Throttle Brackets

  • Alternator Adjustment Bracket

  • PAS Pump Bracket

  • Full Exhaust System consisting of:

    • Stainless Steel Manifold (RHS)

    • Stainless Steel Manifold (LHS)

    • Down pipes

    • Sports Catalytic converter

    • Center Section

    • Back Box with twin exit (optional)

  • CNC Aluminium Adapter Plate

  • Lightweight CNC Aluminium Flywheel

  • CNC Steel Pulley Adapter

  • Oil Filter Spigot

  • Oil pick-up pipe

  • Cast Aluminium Sump inc baffle

  • 2 x Carbon Fibre Induction Plenum

  • 2 x CNC Machined Throttle Bodies

  • Clutch Assembly

  • 2 x Air filters

  • Electronic Water Pump

  • Alt Belt

  • PAS Belt

  • Bespoke Hose Kit

  • Engine Loom

  • Bespoke MBE ECU (Now with VVT)

  • Dowel pin adaptors 

  • Adjustable belt tensioner rods

  • Fastener Kit

  • Instructions

Jaguar AJ30 3.0l V6 Engine (1999-2010) 

  • Fully Rebuilt by Basset Down Balancing

  • Stripped and chemically cleaned

  • Rebore/Hone

  • Polished Crank

  • New Rings

  • New Bearings

  • New gaskets and seals

  • New Cam Chains and Tensioners

  • Valves reground

  • Balanced and Dyno tested in house

Price: £12495 (plus VAT)

Turnkey Solution

Rocketeer will build your car for you in our workshops in Hungerford, Berkshire. Engines are built in house and we are fully equipped to carry out any other upgrades or modifications as part of the build from new brakes to a full nut and bolt restoration. The art of body restoration and paint is subcontracted to specialist to meet the high standards we demand.

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