Engine specification

Jaguar AJ30 / Duratec 30 - MY 1999-2002/3

  • 2967cc 60deg V6

  • Direct-acting mechanical bucket (DAMB)tappets

  • Dual overhead camshafts

  • 4 valves per cylinder

  • 89mm bore, 79.5mm stroke

  • Variable valve timing

  • 240bhp at 6750rpm 

  • 221lbft at 4100rpm

Target 250bhp+ using Rocketeer Exhausts, Induction, & ECU




Jaguar AJ30 used in Rocketeer MXV6 V6 MX5 engine conversion
Click play to hear the Rocketeer MXV6, V6 MX5

Rocketeer Options (Under development)

  • Traction/Launch control (ABS cars only)(£tbc)

  • 64mm Throttle Bodies (£235 +VAT each)

  • Cold Air Induction Kit (£tbc)

  • Performance Camshafts (275+ bhp)(£tbc)