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Rocketeer MXV6 Development series No.1: Bespoke Sump for Jaguar AJV6

We have been extremely busy making progress on the development of our production ready V6 conversion kit for the Mk1 & Mk2 Mazda MX-5. The interest we have had so far has been astonishing, we are thrilled to engage with such an enthusiastic community who appreciate what it is we do. As such, we thought we would share some of our development insights with you, we hope you will find this interesting, whilst serving to keep you updated on our progress.

First in our series of development insights, we explore the Rocketeer MXV6 Bespoke Sump for the Jaguar 3.0l AJV6 Engine. To ensure we maintain the structural integrity that the original Jaguar sump offers, making our own casting was the only real option.

Our bespoke cast sump, is designed to allow the Jaguar V6 to sit low in the MX5 engine bay, helping to preserve the excellent balance of the standard car.

The original Jaguar sump acts as part of the engines structure, and features a ribbed pan in order to help enhance stiffness in the lower engine and serves to reduce potential resonance in the sump. As can be seen in the rendering and photographs above, the Rocketeer sump design keeps this feature, just one example of many important details considered in in the development of our V6 MX5 engine conversion kit.

We have just produced a machined pre-production prototype of this sump design, which we are currently evaluating prior to committing to a casting. This will eventually allow us to supply our our own sump design at less than a third of the cost of a machined part. Photographs of the complete machined sump are below, as well as a gallery of drawings and renderings.

You can see below where the starter motor will nestle alongside the sump.

The underside of the sump is shown below, along with the machined PAS pulley.

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