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MEV build Rocketeer V6 Exocet for National Kit Car Show

After receiving a number of strong enquiries from existing MEV Exocet owners in both the UK and Unites States, we were eventually contacted by the man responsible for creating the car, Stuart Mills, of Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd.

MEVs innovative approach to low cost kit car manufacture utilises the Mazda MX-5 sub-frame, suspension, and drive-train components, coupling it all with a custom chassis to make the Exocet. Interestingly, Stuart Mills tells us: ‘’the Exocet is also one of the easiest cars in the world to build, taking just 80-100 hours to build". Much like the Rocketeer MXV6 conversion, building an Exocet requires no welding, specialist skills or tools. The finished car provides an even more pure, no frills, driving experience and a level of performance not usually available at this price level.

Naturally, the Rocketeer MXV6 engine conversion kit lends itself to the Exocet platform offering an experience unlike any other. Stuart is also keen to point out that a complete MX-5 weighs 50% more than the finished Exocet. What’s more, an Exocet fitted with the Rocketeer MXV6 conversion would weigh no more than the 'normal' Exocet, making for a 500bhp per tonne machine, whilst retaining 50-50 weight distribution. MEV plans to mark the build of their 900th Exocet by doing just this.

We are currently in the process of building another set of pre-production MXV6 components, which will be representative of the final customer kits. This prototype kit will be used for further testing and evaluation, as well as display and promotional activities, starting with exhibiting with MEV at the National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh in the United Kingdom on April 30th 2017.

MEV will exhibit an Exocet chassis with the Rocketeer MXV6 conversion fitted, where both the Rocketeer and MEV teams will be available to answer questions.

We are busy planning more events and appearances with the Rocketeer MXV6 prototype in the near future, check our news section for further announcements. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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