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New 'Expert MXV6' kit, just £1662 +VAT

We are pleased to announce the release of the new ‘Expert MXV6’ conversion kit, aimed at builders who require just the fundamentals in order to fit the Jaguar V6 into a MK1 or Mk2 Mazda MX-5, for just £1662 +VAT & shipping.

MXV6 - V6 MX-5 Conversion kit

This kit is aimed at the expert builder who just needs the fundamentals from us to undertake the MXV6 conversion. This less comprehensive kit contains only what is required to install the new Jaguar power unit. Things like the exhaust, inlet plenums, and ECU can be sourced by the individual or workshop carrying out the conversion, to suit their own preferences and requirements.

Kit contents: ​

  • Fabricated Steel Front Sub frame

  • Fabricated Steel Engine mount Bracket (LHS)

  • Fabricated Steel Engine mount Bracket (RHS)

  • Alternator Adjustment Bracket

  • CNC Aluminium Adapter Plate

  • Lightweight CNC Steel Flywheel

  • Oil Filter Spigot

  • Oil pick-up pipe

  • Cast Aluminium Sump inc baffle

  • Alt Belt

  • PAS Belt

  • Dowel pin adaptors

  • Adjustable belt tensioner rods

  • Fastener Kit

  • Instructions

The kit is similarly positioned to other kits on the market, and much like a turbo or supercharger kit for example, contains just the basics, however all other elements of the Complete MXV6 kit are available separately, so customers can pick and choose which components they use to complete their conversion. Visit our Conversion Details page for more details, and take a look at the table below to see how it compares with our Complete MXV6 kit.

We are now taking orders for both the Complete, and Expert MXV6 engine conversion kits for delivery in August. Visit our online shop to place your order.

We will also be exhibiting the production MXV6 conversion kit at the National Kit Car show in April, where MEV will display a V6 Exocet (see our news release on Rocketeer & MEV). Rocketeer will also exhibit at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June.

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