• Simon Worland

First customer self-build testimonial & video

From: Simon Worland

Date: 26 March 2018

To: Rocketeer <bruce@rocketeer.ltd>

Subject: MXV6

Bruce and Tom,

Well, Rocketeer number two (?) is up and running and straight out of the box it sounds great, pulls like a train and there are no knocks bangs or strange noises. I have worked on many classics over the years and have often been involved in modernising or updating so I know just how much effort goes into a project like this. Inevitably there are setbacks and challenges along the way - even major manufactures with multi-million pound budgets face those.

So I can say with some authority that what the two of you have produced is remarkable in it’s completeness, attention to detail and the after sales service you have provided. I know the minor issues that we have faced with this build are already feeding in to make the next batch of kits even better. I hope to enjoy my MXV6 for many years. Thank you for making it possible.

Best regards,

Simon Worland.

We went to see Simon to deliver the ECU in person. We plugged it in, and turned the key...

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