Second generation design

Every component used in the prototype engine conversion has been analysed, redesigned, improved or eliminated but this time with a view not only to improvement but also to repeatability - batch production.

  • Gone are the ITB’s. In their place are plenums for better drivability, cold start convenience and proper idle control. Due to packaging constraints the ITB’s are compromised. The plenums will breath better and deliver substantial performance and efficiency improvements over the ITB’s

  • The front sub-frame has been totally redesigned to accommodate the engine, but it will also be significantly stiffer, lighter and cheaper to manufacture than the tubular item it replaces

  • Engine mounts are revised to better isolate unwanted vibrations and locate the engine more accurately

  • The sump is now a bespoke aluminium casting and as such is a structural part of the engine as originally intended

  • The adapter plate is completely new; repositioning the starter motor to improve packaging and retain the standard MX5 clutch slave cylinder

  • The new ECU is bespoke to Rocketeer but is based on the excellent ME221 architecture. It’s a ‘plug and play’ solution and is compatible with all existing instrumentation

  • The exhaust has been designed from scratch to improve flow and further enhance the acoustics

  • In fact, the only part that hasn’t been changed since XP1 is the alternator drive pulley.

Rocketeer MXV6, V6 MX5 engine conversion kit

The conversion is now available to buy as a kit, or turn-key. Visit our shop to place a deposit.